Inline Anti-Scale Water Filter

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Anti-Scale Water Filter - With Push Lock Fittings- 1/4''

Our anti-scaling filter effectively treats the hard water to prevent scale residue on the nozzles. Now you can increase the life of your misting system and forget about replacing clogged nozzles. Patented filter media chemically treats particles that cause scale and allows it to “wash away” with the mist. In addition, it helps prevent corrosion of the mist nozzles. Filter attaches directly in-line to any of our ¼’’ low pressure Outdoor Patio and Ac-precooling Mist Kits and successfully treats hard water for up to 3 months. Filter is environmentally safe and does not cause any disposal issues. Note: This filter is for use with our misting systems only and should not be utilized for any other applications without our consultation.


  • Inlet: 1/4'' Push lock
  • Outlet: 1/4'' Push Lock
  • Max Pressure: 100PSI
  • Filter Media: Tablet Based antiscale
  • Filter Life: 3 Months


  • Quick Connect / Push Lock connections
  • Prevents Scaling and Rusting of mist nozzles
  • 3 Months Life
  • Easy installation
  • Simply attaches inline to 1/4'' tubing
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