Mist fan Kit - Low Pressure

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Beat the heat this summer by turning an ordinary fan into a cool misting fan! Instantly create cool zone with retro fan mist ring. Designed to produce fine mist with use of standard water faucet. Simply attach to your fan and turn on water! 

At MistCooling Inc, we don’t just create products, we create economical solutions for customers. Outdoor spaces such as decks, patios & gazebos become unbearable with summer heat. Indoor spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities without Air Conditioning create loss in productivity.

Keeping this in mind, our team has designed the perfect mist cooling solution to help you create cool and comfortable area without breaking the bank. Instantly create cool zone for children or pets to play. Improve productivity and prevent heat stress related injuries in work space or simply prepare your favorite backyard spot for that cold beer!

Engineered with high quality materials and configured to run with an average water faucet pressure, our mist fan kit-low pressure is an affordable cooling option for homeowners. Our misting system works the best at city water pressure of 40 to 60psi.

Any ordinary fan, regardless of its size simply moves hot air from one location to another. By adding mist, same fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. Our mist kit is manufactured with finest stainless steel orifice misting nozzles and leak proof fittings that are adjustable for optimal mist angle. Result is fine mist that evaporates quicker, leaving you with refreshingly cool breeze.

This kit does NOT require a misting pump for operation. Made with high quality UV treated tubing to ensure longevity. Great for Pedestal, Floor or Wall Mount Fans.

To enjoy a refreshingly cool air, simply attach the retro fan mist ring on the front grill of your existing fan and connect the feed tube to your garden hose. Turn on water and enjoy!

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