Mistcooling Kits and Fittings

Mistcooling Kits operate at standard city water pressure, with easy push to connect  fittings, and attach to any 3/4 Inch standard garden hose. Ideal for Outdoor cooling for Patios, Gazebos and Pool Areas. 

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  1. Outdoor Misting System - 1500 PSI Mister - Free Installation

    1500 PSI Misting System with Stainless Steel Tubing. Free Installation in Houston and Sorrounding areas.1500 PSI Misting Pump, 10 Nozzle Misting System with 18 Feet Stainless Steel Tubing, in 2 Feet Lengths. 22 Feet High Pressure Feed Line with 3/4 Inch Garden Hose Adapter.

    Misting System is do it yourself Installation - we have larger sizes available - contact us for more details.

  2. Union

  3. Tube Cutter

    Tube Cutter
  4. Misting Tee

    Misting Tee
  5. Inline Filter

    Inline Filter
  6. Hanger Clamp

    Hanger Clamp
  7. GHT - Garden Hose Adapter

    GHT - Garden Hose Adapter
  8. End Elbow With Nozzle Thread

    End Elbow With Nozzle Thread
  9. Clamp + Screw

    Clamp + Screw
  10. Brass Nozzle Pack of 5

    Brass Nozzle Pack of 5
  11. 90 Degree Elbow

    90 Degree Elbow
  12. 3 Way Tee

    3 Way Tee
  13. Outdoor Mistcooling System

    DIY Low-Pressure HydroBreeze Mistcooling Kit cools outdoor temperatures  by up to 20-Degrees-F. Cool your patio, gazebo, garden, deck, front porch, greenhouse, barn, play area, garage, poolside area, barn, warehouse, and more with this cooling mister system.

    Easy Installation! With re-usable. easily to expand and easy to customize for your specialized misting application.

  14. Patio Misting System

    HYDROBREEZE PATIO MISTCOOLING KIT is a do it yourself misting system, easy to install and includes all misting parts and accessories to build a complete misting system. 

    Patio mistcooling system is for outdoor cooling, patio misting, gazebos, pool and play areas misting. Cools by up to 30 degrees.

  15. Patio Mister

    Patio Mister is ideal as a residential misting system for outdoor cooling. Easy to install and uninstall the system is designed to be set up in less than 10 minutes, comes with all the misting parts required to set up the misting system.

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