Misting Systems

Mistcooling Kits operate at standard city water pressure, with easy push to connect  fittings, and attach to any 3/4 Inch standard garden hose. Ideal for Outdoor cooling for Patios, Gazebos and Pool Areas. 

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  1. Mistcooling Nozzles - 22 Pack Misting Nozzles

    Mistcooling Misting Nozzles with Stainless Steel Orifice, 10/24 thread Size. For low, mid and High presssure patio misting systems.

  2. Dust Control Misting System


    Dust Control Misting System is a portable misting system for dust control at cosntruction sites. The Dust control misting system is a solution to temporary relief for dust control and can also be used for odor control msiting for dump sites, sewage plants and recycling plants.

  3. Outdoor Mistcooling System

    DIY Low-Pressure HydroBreeze Mistcooling Kit cools outdoor temperatures  by up to 20-Degrees-F. Cool your patio, gazebo, garden, deck, front porch, greenhouse, barn, play area, garage, poolside area, barn, warehouse, and more with this cooling mister system.

    Easy Installation! With re-usable. easily to expand and easy to customize for your specialized misting application.

  4. Patio Misting System

    HYDROBREEZE PATIO MISTCOOLING KIT is a do it yourself misting system, easy to install and includes all misting parts and accessories to build a complete misting system. 

    Patio mistcooling system is for outdoor cooling, patio misting, gazebos, pool and play areas misting. Cools by up to 30 degrees.

  5. Patio Mister

    Patio Mister is ideal as a residential misting system for outdoor cooling. Easy to install and uninstall the system is designed to be set up in less than 10 minutes, comes with all the misting parts required to set up the misting system.

  6. Industrial Misting Fans - 30 Inch Oscillating Mist Fan with Misting Pump

    Industrial Misting Fan System is the perfect system for residential patio misting, warehouse cooling and industrial misting applications. With the self priming mid pressure misting pump, the outdoor rated fan, and the stainless steel misting fan ring, you cannot go wrong in the choice for a misting system to have.

  7. Misting Fan System - 24 Inch Oscillating Fan System

    For residential misting, commercial restaurant misting and industrial misting. The 24 Inch Oscillating Outdoor Fan combined with our powerful 250 psi mid pressure misting pump and the stainless steel misting ring will provide immediate relief from outdoor heat by up to 30 degrees.

  8. Patio Misting Fan - 14 Inch Fan, Misting pump 250 PSI with Mist Fan ring

    Patio Misting Fan system with 14 Inch Fan, 250 PSI misting pump , stainless steel misting fan ring with brass/stainless steel misting nozzles. Easy to install - do it yourself misting system, wall mount fan. Applications include residential misting, commercial misting, outdoor restaurant cooling and industrial misting. 

    Misting Pump can support up to 8 Misting Fans.

  9. Outdoor Restaurant Misting System

    Restaurant Misting Systems with outdoor rated misting fan and 250 PSI misting pump for keeping your outdoor restaurant cool for your patrons. System is easy to install, a do it yourslef misting system, can be used for residential patio misting.

  10. Hydro Breeze Bully Fan

    Powered with a portable generator, this is a high performance misting fan that requires no water or electric supply to function. It features a 30 gallon water tank and high velocity 30” oscillating 3 speed mist fan that helps create a cool zone instantly and for 7 to 10 hours.

  11. Double Fan Portable Misting System

    • High velocity two 24'' Oscillating 3 speed mist fans cover very large area and crowd to cool. 
    • 8 Nozzle Stainless Steel Misting Ring for each Fan
    • 10/24 Thread Size Nozzles - 0.012 Orifice for 160 PSI Pump and 0.008 Orfice for 1500 PSI Misting Pump
    • Perfect for sporting events, rehab centers, construction site dust control or industrial use. 
    • Ensure 4-6 hours of ultrafine mist time with our self contained 15G water tank. Air throw of our system is up to 40 feet.
  12. HydroBreeze Portable Misting System

    Hydro Breeze Portable Misting System with industry leading high pressure mist pump. UL507 rated oscillating 3 speed mist fan covers wide area for instant cooling with high volume of ultra fine mist. Completely portable with 15 gallon water tank storage will ensure up to 7 hours cooling. 110vac.

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