Misting Fan Kit - Low Pressure

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Low Pressure Fan Misting Kit can be operated with the regular garden hose, works at 40 -100 PSI. Low pressure fan misting kit is used for outdoor cooling applications for residential applications.

Turn any fan in to air chilling misting fan with use of our Fan Mist Kit! During hot summer months, most fans tend to blow hot air which adds to the misery. Simply attach our retro fan mist ring on the front grill of your existing fan and enjoy refreshingly cool air. (Up to 25 degrees cooler!) Now you can instantly create cooler and more confortable outdoor space without spending a fortune. Each Fan Mist Kit comes completely pre-assembled. Made with high quality UV Treated Flexible Tubing, Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles and includes 6FT of feed line with garden hose connector and filter washer. Attaches to any outdoor faucet/spigot or garden hose. Installation is a breeze.

Simply attach the mist ring to your fan with provided ties and connect the feed line to any standard water source. Note: This fan mist kit not be used with a Booster Pump. It is designed to be used with standard household water pressure only.


  • 9'' Fan Mist Ring with 2 Nozzles - Recommended for fans with 10-12'' Diameter 
  • 12'' Fan Mist Ring with 4 Nozzles - Recommended for fans with 14-16'' Diameter 
  • 15'' Fan Mist Ring with 6 Nozzles - Recommended for fans with 18-24'' Diameter 
  • 25'' Fan Mist Ring with 8 Nozzles - Recommended for fans with 30-46'' Diameter 
  • 25'' Fan Mist Ring with 10 Nozzles - Recommended for fans with 30-46'' Diameter


  • Completely Pre-Assembled. Simply unpack and attach! 
  • Works at standard city water pressure of 40-100PSI 
  • Adjustable spray direction 
  • Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel Nozzles 
  • Leak proof compression fittings 
  • UV treated flexible tubing 
  • 6ft feed line with 3/4'' Garden hose connector & filter washer 
  • Includes mounting ties 
  • Attaches to any wall mount, floor or pedestal fan 
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