Misting System - 60 Ft

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Pre-assembled 60ft Patio Cooling Kit for Gazebo, pool, deck and other outdoor areas. Includes high quality 16 brass & stainless steel mist nozzles, Leak proof fittings, UV treated flexible tubing and mounting clamps

Mist Cooling Inc's do-it-yourself patio misting kit offers a perfect low cost solution for your backyard cooling needs. This low pressure patio misting system comes completely pre-assembled to deliver a very fine mist to significantly cool the air during the hot summer weather. This system uses high quality parts like Brass/Stainless Steel mist nozzles, UV treated tubing and leak proof compression misting tees that will last for years to come. Now you can instantly cool (up to 30 degrees!) backyard patios, porches, decks, poolside, play areas or any outdoor space without breaking a sweat! Our Low pressure misting kits are designed to work best at standard city water pressure 40 to 100 psi. Whether you wish to cool your restaurant patio or backyard, this kit is your best bet.

  •  Specially designed flexible tubing will not crack under extreme summer heat. Leak proof compression fittings allows you to the angle of the mist nozzles. Brass and Stainless steel mist nozzles produce smooth spray pattern ensuring fastest evaporation results. Use with Anti Scale Filter to prevent clogging of the nozzles in areas with hard water.
  • This 16 Nozzle Misting system includes 16 Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles, with 45 Feet Mist line, and 15 Ft feed line. The Brass/Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles are spaced at 3 feet apart. Applications include outdoor cooling, patio misting, pool and play area cooling.
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