Do you have an upcoming outdoor event like a school carnival, corporate event, fun run, 10k rehab, or even a summer wedding? 

  • Rent our Inflatable Misting Arc! It sprays fog mist that keeps people walking through it refreshingly cooled, but not wet.
  • The 16’ x 16’ x 12’ Arc creates a very celebratory atmosphere, something that attendees will remember.
  • The Inflatable Misting Arc is a wonderful tool for any marketing coordinator, professional or non-professional event planner, or wedding coordinator.
  • You can advertise your event, product or brand on the top of the Arc which cannot be missed from a distance or up close as people enter your event through the cool misting. Not just an advertising gimmick, it actually provides a service to attendees and participants.
  • They will remember your branded Arc and the cool misting experience it provided long into the future. The primary blue color helps to make it stand out in landscape or a crowd of exhibits. It is easy to set up and take down. * Branding on removable sign(s) is available for top and sides

* Delivery and pick up included in the rental fee * Set up included in rental cost for the Greater Houston area * $999.00 refundable deposit required * Cools temperatures at point of mist cooling by up to 30°F * Powered by an easy to use mist cooling pump * Requires a water source and electricity? * Measures 16’ x 16’ x 12’ height or 400cm x 400cm x 320cm height