Dust Control Misting System

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Dust Control Misting System is a portable misting system for dust control at cosntruction sites. The Dust control misting system is a solution to temporary relief for dust control and can also be used for odor control msiting for dump sites, sewage plants and recycling plants.

Dust Control Misting System and Odor Control Misting Trailer for Commercial and Industrial Misting Application :

  • 1 x 300 gal. tanks (600 gal. capacity)
  • 1 x 36" fans
  • 1 x Dual SS mist rings
  • 1500psi pump (1 gpm)
  • 20" scale free filter
  • 20" sediment filter
  • Anti drip Stainless Steel Misting nozzles
  • Drain for the tanks
  • Generator
  • 16' trailer

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