Patio Misting Accessory Kit

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Optimize the performance of your existing cool patio misting system with this accessory kit. This kit features all the essential items you need to power up your system and improve its functionality: Garden Hose Splitter, 3 Way Coupling Tee & Inline on/off Valve for 1/4'' OD tube and Three 10/24 Thread Nozzle Plugs to block off any unwanted mist.

The items selected in this accessory kit are selected by our experienced engineers with the goal to help users boost the performance of their patio misting system and to allow ultimate flexibility. Use Patio Misting Accessory kit to modify, expand or fine tune your patio mist cooling kits. Includes 3 way tee, in line shut off valve, garden hose Y splitter and three nozzle plugs. Y Splitter allows you to utilize existing faucet or spigot for your mist system. 3 Way coupling tee allows you to branch the mist line in multiple directions. Install on/off valve in convenient location so that you do not have to walk up to your faucet to turn the mist system on or off every time. If you have areas with too much mist, simply remove the nozzle and install the nozzle plugs to block off unwanted mist.
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