Patio Misting Expansion Kit

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Is your water source is far away from the misting area? This expansion kit makes it easy to add more tubing to your patio mist kit. Kit includes 20 feet of Beige Tubing and Two Coupling Unions.

MistCooling Inc. strives to provide customers top quality misting solutions that are highly functional and affordable. Patio Misting Expansion kit allows you to modify our pre-assembled patio mist kits to fit your area.

Use the expansion kit with our DIY patio kits, Fan mist rings, AC pre cooling kits and many other low pressure mist cooling systems. Allows easy expansion with two low pressure coupling unions and 20 feet 1/4” tubing. Simply cut the existing line where expansion is needed and add desired length of extra tubing. Re-patch the open joints using provided coupling unions! It is that easy.

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