Patio Misting Kit - 32 feet

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Instantly cool patios, gazebos, pool and play areas with this 32 feet mist cooling kit. Completely pre assembled and with high quality parts. Featuring Brass & Stainless Steel Nozzles.


Engineered for performance, this do-it-yourself patio misting kit offers perfect low cost solution for your backyard cooling needs. Completely pre-assembled patio kit delivers very fine mist to significantly cool the air in the hottest summer weather. This Made in USA system uses high quality parts like Brass/Stainless Steel mist nozzles, UV treated tubing and leak proof compression misting tees that will last for years to come. Now you can instantly cool backyard patios, porches, decks, poolside, play areas or any outdoor space without breaking a sweat! Temperature drop of up to 30 degrees in hottest summer days!

All you need to do is attach it to your garden hose or water faucet. It is designed and configured to work best with city water pressure of 40 to 100psi. Recommended to use with an inline water filter. Specially designed low flow mist nozzles allow for optimal evaporation results without wasting any water.

This 32Feet Mist kit includes 22 feet of mist line with 12 of the brass & stainless steel mist nozzles installed 2ft apart and 10ft of supply line with garden hose connector. Larger lengths are available in 44ft and 75ft to match your desired cooling area. Clip on ties are also available for easy installation on canopies or umbrellas. Additional features can be added with use of the Accessory kit.


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