Windchiller Handheld Mist Fan

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The Windchiller by MistCooling Inc. is an advanced and affordable handheld portable cool misting fan that keeps users cool during summers without heavy moisture.

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The Windchiller is more than a hand held mister fan; it’s a cooling powerhouse that can keep you cool without any wet sprays.

In-built with brass/stainless steel mist nozzle, this device delivers a rapid and consistent ultra-fine mist through a pressurized tank. The water from the tank is emitted in the form of tiny water droplets through the misting nozzles that are quickly evaporated in the air, giving you the best cooling experience possible without feeling wet.

This hand held fan is not just functional but safe. It features a child-safe fan blade, making it safe for even young children to use.

Operating hand held misting fan is super easy. To activate it, all you need is two AA batteries. Simply fill the Wind chiller with water and pump the bottom few times to pressurize the system. Push to Mist button and enjoy cool refreshing mist like never before. Add chilled water for even cooler mist! Windchiller has the ability to emit cool mist for maximum 1 ½ hours before each refill.

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